Libra weekly horoscope february 12

I invite you to experience the depth and scope that I can provide thereby contributing to activating your self-awareness, confidence levels and personal power in general linked to practical strategies for life. In this way you can be that much more in-tune with yourself and our times. Sweet dreams are floating in your mind. These are linked to achieving new depths of peace and harmony in your life generally and specifically in your closest relationships. Since the primary relationship is ever with our own body, mind, heart and soul, that is the place to focus first.

But if ever there was a time to also aim to fully acknowledge the significant others in your life it is now. A review of your place in the world continues. While this likely includes career, it generally points to your overall social status in general.

LIBRA Psychic Tarot Reading for the week of February 12, 2018

As confidences will rise and fall this may be one of those more challenging periods. Affirm that this too will pass yet focus to acknowledge all your successes to date. As well, seed dreams for the future keeping a runaway imagination in check and balance. Finding your way through a thick stretch of woods is requiring more of your concentration than usual. At worst, you feel a little lost. In times like these it is neither reason nor intuition that will serve your purposes so much as instinct.

Sometimes we need new tools, new training or knowledge, while at others the tried and true act of praying is the way to go, like perhaps now.

Libra's horoscope for February 12222

A summons to gain a deeper and wider perspective has been sounded. In order to feel more secure, grounded and inspired too, a quest for fresh perspectives backed by enquiry and research is underway. Yet beyond the usual answers, you are moved to consider the larger implications.

Among the answers you are finding is the realization that new modes and levels of cooperation are needed. Your whole world continues to steadily expand. Yet with this also comes the growing determination to bring your dreams, visions and insights down to earth. The time has come to move away from idealization into realization. Jupiter in your sign signals the flow of synchronicity to produce inner inclinations and outer revelations pointing to risk and venture. The question is how, what to do, what are the best approaches…?

The first part of the answer is subject to the kiss principle: keep it simple sweetheart.

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With that in place ask for more precise answers and you will receive. A creative awakening is underway. Invention and innovation are implied. That they are linked to means and methods of cultivating a healthier lifestyle is likely. With Neptune in your solar house of health it is important that you be extra vigilant by taking preventative measures. How can you boost your immune system and strengthen your constitution? A process of deep sharing is a main focus now.

Yet woven within this close and cozy feeling is the need also to perpetuate your own sense of individuality. This could be a tricky balancing act. The first key as ever is awareness. Like the particle within the wave you can acknowledge and even assert your uniqueness. However, right now it is more about the wave. The urge to reach beyond prior limits is growing with each new day.

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The question is: are you engaging consciously or reactively. When we are conscious we can be more intentional, deliberate, determined and focused. There still remains the value of deep cooperation within, to your destiny, as well as with outer realities. You conquer with your gaze and if you intend to reach heaven in love, you will achieve it.

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However, you will need the determination to face a change in your work and especially dealing with colleagues who are very conflictive and are always looking for lawsuits and disagreements, especially while the retrograde transit of the Ceres planetoid lasts for a sign of the fire element.

Do not listen to them, do your thing and you will triumph. If in the present you are not in the best economic situation do not despair. Your sign is well sponsored and fortune approaches you. Love It is a moment of reflection, of listening to the opinion of people who love you and who have gone through difficult situations similar to yours in their love experience. Do not blind yourself to their advice.

Analyze calmly the situation that is wrapping you this day.

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Health You listen to certain news that could disturb you and affect your nervous or digestive system. Quiet, many times things are not as we imagine them and if you keep in a realistic position it will be better for you and for everyone. Work Someone who appreciates you very much offers you an exceptional opportunity to work at your side.

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  7. However, employment could involve changes in hours and lifestyles. It weighs everything very well in the balance before deciding to take what they have proposed to you. Money and Luck Do not worry if economic management that seemed to be solved suffers a delay and the result is prolonged.

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    If something does not happen when we want, we are almost always faced with a warning to review the path taken. Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of a sudden inspiration to get in touch with a certain person. A dangerous trend for today in your sign Libra: hesitate, do not act to find yourself insecure.